History of Vocational Education in Wisconsin

  • Statehood

  • Period: to

    Industrial Revolution

  • Morrill Act

  • Bennet Law

  • Manual Training

  • State Law Encouraging Manual Training

  • 1 in 30 students graduated high school

  • Legislative Reference Law

  • Period: to


  • Charles McCarthy begins working at Legislative Library

  • Milwaukee School of Trades Opens

  • National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education Formed

  • Wisconsin Trade School Law

  • Milwaukee Girls Trade and Technical School opens

  • Wisconsin Legislature passes law

  • Wisconsin Apprenticeship Law

  • Period: to


  • Madison Continuation School

  • The Smith-Hughes National Vocational Act

  • Women get the vote

  • George Hambrecht (State Director)

  • Period: to


  • Milwaukee Vocational School Nursing program

  • Milwaukee Tech Engineering began

  • 1st itinerant teacher (plumbing)

  • Evening classes introduced for adult farmers

  • 4 interant circuits in plumbing

  • Clarence Greiber hired as Assistant Secretary

  • Distribution of Education

  • Period: to


  • Compulsory Attendance Law

  • Teacher certification requirements

  • State Board of Vocational and Adult Education

  • Vocational Ed. For National Defense Jobs for Wartime Positions

  • 1 Room School go to consolidated districts

  • Period: to


    State Board -- No long have aid for non-occupational classes WWII
  • VEND terminated

  • Vocational districts expanded to pubilc school boundaries

  • Period: to


    *New emphasis on technical programs during this time. In '56, new programs in electronics, auto tech, and mechanical tech are approved. In '57, tech programs in firefighting, fire prevention and protection are approved
  • Bill 242 denied -- first request for increased state funds to be denied

  • Bill 48 defeated but passed one-time increase in state aid

  • Gov. Nelson signs Chap 696 which increased state aid and sets newer guidelines for aid

  • Period: to


    College coalesced into current form
  • State Coordinating Committee of Higher Education expanded to include WTCS

  • Chapter 292 allowed statewise districts

  • Board disapproved 1G Associate Degree Programs

  • Period: to


  • First follow up study of the state VTAE graduates is concluded

  • 1975

    *First time students in VTAE institutions paid tuition
    *VTAE mission defined by law
    *Institution of vocational, tehcnical, and adult ed to provide occupational programs below baccalaureate level include Associates Degree, Apprenticeships, and Adult Ed.
    *Chairman of WI Board of VTAE membar of UW Board
    *President of Board member of WI Board of VTAE
  • New appointment procedure to make local boards more representative of the population within each district

  • Wisconsin Board bagan collecting data according to Fed. Voc. Ed. Data system. Occupational programs evaluated over 5 years

  • Period: to


    *Dramatic increase in enrollment: 138% growth
    *Enrollment of students over 18 2x national average
    *Inprovement in quality of education accounts for increase
    *Increase in technology means more workers must return to Madison College for training. Older workers being attracted back
    *93% job placement rate
  • Period: to


    *Colleges at forefront of Tech Revolution (especially IT and healthcare)
    *Grads landing jobs in engineering, computer design, marketing, communications, and health services
    *Demand for skilled workers rising, outreach education critical
  • VTAE Schools became "technical colleges"

  • AQIP Accreditation

  • Period: to


    Barhorst Era
  • Math Club gets "Club of the Year"

  • Veterans get free tuition

  • Salaries surpass UW

  • Parking lot flood

  • SMART building referendum