history of video games

By dway97
  • The first game system

    The first video game that was ever made was in 1972. The first game system was called Magnavox Odyssey. This game systm was sold at least 330,000 times.
  • Pong came

    Pong came
    One of the earliest games ever made was called Pong. It was just a simple tennis game. Because of this it became the first comercial successful video game.
  • Period: to

    History of video games

  • notable releases games

    Notable released 4 games in 1979 4 games in 1980. In 1979 they released astroids, lunar landing, monaco GP, and flight simulator. The 4 games are Pac-man, missle comand, Defender, and Centipede.
  • Birth of Mario

    Birth of Mario
    In 1985 Nintendo releases the insanly addicting game super mario bros. It sold over 10 million copies withen a yesr. It was the top selling game untill 2008 with 40 million copies sold.
  • The Game Boy has arrived

    In 1989 Nintendo came up with the Game Boy. The Game Boy was the hugest succese sence Mario. It had sold 118 million world wide.
  • Sonic has came

    Sonic has came
    In 1991 Notable releases the second most popular game at that point. First was Mario then was Sonic the Headgehog. Sonic was the first game to give Mario a run for its Money
  • Sony releases the first plastasion

    Sony has released there first game system ever. It is called the Playstation 1. Withen a year it sold 125 millon copies
  • Here comes the n64

    Here comes the n64
    In 1996 Nintendo releases one of the biggest game systems ever. Its called the Nintendo 64. It was one of the first home game systms with color.
  • Sony releases another game consale

    Sony releases another game consale
    Sony releases The plastation 2. This consale was the best selling consale up to date. It sold 138 million units.
  • Three new game systems

    Nintendo releases two game consales. first is gameboy advanced selling 81 million copies. The second is the Gamecube selling 21 million units. The final game systm is by Microsoft, its called the X-box selling 24 million units.