History of uruguay

  • Jan 17, 1516

    Spanish invade

    Spanish invade
    history of uruguayThe Spanish arrived in the territory of present-day Uruguay
  • Cattle are introduced

    Cattle are introduced
    history of uruguayThe Spanish began to introduce cattle
  • Montevideo was founded

    Montevideo was founded
    history of uruguayMontevideo was founded by the Spanish
  • Montevideo is laid to siege

    Montevideo is laid to siege
    timeline of uruguay Artigas laid siege to Montevideo
  • Montevideo is given back to uruguay

    Montevideo is given back to uruguay
    timeline of uruguay Montevideo surrendered ending the control of Spain over Uruguay
  • uruguay is independent

    uruguay is independent
    timeline of uruguayUruguay became an independent nation
  • air force if founded

    air force if founded
    uruguay history today The Uruguayan Air Force is founded.
  • constitution iis accepted

    constitution iis accepted
    uruguay history today Uruguay accepts its constitution
  • president

    uruguay history today1989-11-27 - Luis Alberto Lacelle elected president of Uruguay
  • crash

    1997-10-10 - An Austral Airlines DC-9-32 crashes and explodes near Nuevo Berlin, Uruguay, killing 74.