History of the Telephone

  • The first Telephone ever made

    The first Telephone ever made
    To have conversations with people without leaving home.
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    The Telephone

  • The transmitter

    The transmitter
    It was the first successful telephone transmitter. Invented by Fancis Blake.
  • Desk Telephone

    Desk Telephone
    This product was a response to Ericsson's Skeletal Telephone. It was very popular in Europe and it was the first desktop telephone with a handset.
  • 11 digit Potbelly Dial Candlestick

    11 digit Potbelly Dial Candlestick
    This is the first dial telephone. Made by Almon Strowger.
  • Round Base Rotary Dial Monophone

    Round Base Rotary Dial Monophone
    The first handset telephone used by the independent telephone companies.
  • Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

    Motorola DynaTAC 8000X
    It is the first portable phone. It was very big and heavy, but it was still a big achievement in the telephone department. This phone also has a big antena.
  • Nokia 8810

    Nokia 8810
    Although developers and carriers had been skeptical due to reception internal issues, this silver slider proved that a phone with a built-in antenna could be a hit with consumers. By bringing the antenna inside, it paved the way for a generation of phones that were not only more portable, but also more durable.
  • Motorola Razr

    Motorola Razr
    The Razr was the first must-have mobile. Its clean lines, flat keypad and multiple color schemes created a world where industrial design was on par with industrial function. The phone was very popular.
  • RIM BlackBerry 7290

    RIM BlackBerry 7290
    Though hardly the first BlackBerry, the 7290 was a killer combo of technology, with quadband GSM, a vivid color screen, Bluetooth and of course the full keyboard that brought e-mail and the web right into the palm of your hand.
  • IPhone 4

    IPhone 4
    The iPhone 4 has a stainless steel casing, all-glass front, and a design Steve Jobs describes as the thinnest smartphone on the planet: almost 25% thinner than the iPhone 3GS. Unlike previous iPhones, the iPhone 4 will have volume controls on the side of the phone along with an accessible microSIM tray. The iPhone 4 features a front-facing camera. It really is the best touhphone so far.