History of the Tango

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  • The Origin

    The Origin
    The name Tango derived from the dance that black people, specifically slaves, did. A variation of the name is "balle con corte," or dance with stop, as they said it. Slaves enabled the dance to spread from Spain, then to Argentina.
  • Apache Tango

    Apache Tango
    Tango was widespread and even reached Paris eventually. An infamous gang that called themselves Apache found themselves winning a street fight and they made their own form of the dance; underworld cabarets. This was how apache Tango was birthed.
  • Modifying Apache

    Modifying Apache
    In France, the tango made its way towards Argentine vacationers, which resulted in getting banned in Argentina in the early 1900s. Monsieur Camille De Rhyna and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance started normalizing the Tango. Soon after, Argentina accepted the Tango again after it was cleaner.
  • To The Americas!

    To The Americas!
    Performers displayed the Apache version of the tango, and right away it was banned for being too provocative, and the performers were jailed on sight.
  • World War I

    World War I
    Tango's popularity declined once World War I was announced. But one individual that goes by Authur Murray is responsible for the Americanized version of the Tango, and to spike it's popularity.
  • Movie Magic

    Movie Magic
    The Tango gushed in popularity once the movie "The Four Horses of the Apocalypse" came out in America, and has been popular ever since.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    In Argentina, the great depression was the cause of another decline in the Tango. But it came back, once under the government of Juan Peron.
  • Germany's Intake

    Germany's Intake
    Internally, the Tango was still spreading in popularity, and a German couple revised their own version of the dance. Staccato styling, faster music, and longer strides. This was the origin of the tango we know today!
  • Corrupted

    Argentina takes it for the worst, and Tango declines immensely due to it encouraging women to become apart of bordellos (a brothel). America tributed to the sudden irrelevance to the dance in the country.
  • The Revival

    The Revival
    Broadway opened a Tango premiere which kicked off Argentine Tango specifically in America. The ban in Argentina was lifted and was officially declared the dance of Argentina.
  • Present

    The Tango has not experience any major changes in recent years, and is the tango we know today!