History of the Red Cross

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    History of the Red Cross

  • Angel of the Battlefield Created

    Clara Barton started the 'angel of the battlefield' program and begins to help injured servicemen in the Civil War.
  • Red Cross is founded

    Red Cross comitee is founded in Geneva Switzerland.
  • Clara Barton establish the Red Cross

    Clara Barton and associates establish the Red Cross program
  • Clara Bartons last relief operation

    Clara Bartons last relief operatiopn at age 77 was at Gavelston Texas on behalf of the victems of hurricanes and tidal waves.
  • the Mercy Ship sails to Europe

    The Red Cross Mercy Ship sails to Europe with medicle staff after the following breakout of World War 2
  • Red Cross begins the blood drive

    Red Cross begins the national blood donor service to collect blood for the U.S. military with Dr. Charles R. Drew formerly of the Plasma for Brittian program as medicle director.
  • World War II Clubmobiles

    World War II Clubmobiles begin service in England
  • Red Cross today

    Red Cross continues to be called for disasters all over the world.