History of the microscope and cells

  • the first microscope

    the first microscope
    Robert Hooke invented the first microscope, he used it to discover cells in cork made of special bark
  • naming the cell

    naming the cell
    when he looke through the microscope and found little box like shapes, they reminded him of the 'cells' that monks occupied, so he decided to call them cells
  • the hand held microscope

    the hand held microscope
    an amature scientist Anton van Lewowenhoek created a hand held microscope, his microscope could multiply by 300 as the origanial ones could only multiply by 50 times bigger
  • discoverign protists

    discoverign protists
    Anton van Leeeuownehoek became the first person to discover a single celled organisms called protisits
  • discoverign bacteria

    discoverign bacteria
    Anton van Leeuwonhoek discovered bacteria in the mouth
  • the nucleas

    the nucleas
    atfer microscopes improved Robert brown used a microscope to discover the part of a cell called a nucleas in plant cells
  • the cell theory

    the cell theory
    theodor shwann and Matthais Schiliden proposed the theory of cell life, they realised all living things are made up of cells and new cells are created by old cells
  • discovered miticondria

    discovered miticondria
    Rudolf Kolliker discovered mitocondria which where small things in muscle cells, these where very small