History of the Light Bulb

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    The History of the Light Bulb

  • Humphrey Davy

    Humphrey Davy
    In 1809 Humphrey Davy, a British chemist, began the idea of an incandescent light bulb.He simply used a high power battery to create a current between two charcoal strips creating an intence incandescent light
  • Warren De la Rue

    Warren De la Rue
    In 1820, Warren De la Rue used a platinum coil in a vacumm sealed tube and ran an electric current through it to make an incandescent light bulb This was the first attempt ever.
  • William Robert Grove

    William Robert Grove
    William Robert Grove, succeeded in lighting a stadium with incandescent lamps. They consisted of platinum incased in inverted glass sealed by water. But, unfortunately, the technology was too expensive for commercial use.
  • Frederik de Moleyns

    Frederik de Moleyns recieved the first patent for an incandescent lamp. The design involved powdered charcoal between two platinum wires and a glass bulb.
  • Joseph Wilson Swan

    Joseph Wilson Swan
    Joseph Wilson Swan, an englishman, invented the first incandescent lamp with a paper filament. This was perfect for commercial use because paper was cheap to make and buy.
  • Heinrich Gobel

    Heinrich Gobel
    Heinrich Gobel,a german watchmaker, used a carbonized bamboo filament on his electric lamp design.
  • John T. Way

    John T.Way was the precedent for the development of fluorescent light because he demonstrated that running electricity through mercury vapor causes light also.
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison created a new lamp that used a carbon filament. This light bulb first lasted for about 13.5 hours, and later improved that to a stunning 40 hours
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Just shortly after Thomas Edison foun that bamboo produce a better filament. The improvement made the lamp last 1200 hours
  • Court Rules

    Court Rules
    In 1893 Heinrich Gobel won court against Thomas Edison as the inventor of the electric lamp and recieved some profit.
  • Siemens & Halske

    The incandescent light bulb has yet again been improved. Siemens and halske used a tantalum filament , it was exelent for practical use and is easily manufactured.
  • Willian D. Coolidge

    Willian D. Coolidge
    William D. Coolidge developed a light bulb that consists of a fine tungsten powder pressed into bars.When these were heated at extreem heats it formed a wire filament
  • Frosted What?

    In 1925 light bulbs with frosted glass were produced to produce a soft light ,spreading light more evenly
  • Modern day

    Modern day
    In modern days light bulbs are made from magnetic currents and gas that when joined exited the gas and emits light.There are light bulbs now that las for over 2500 days .....STRAIGHT
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    The history of the Light Bulb