History of Televisions

By 4030
  • 30's Televisons

    30's Televisons
    First public demonstration of T.V. took place, T.V. sets were very large with 12 inch screens, cost was about 400 to 500 dollars.
  • 40's Televisions

    40's Televisions
    production stopped because of WWII, late 40's production grew rapidly, two different kinds: console and tabletop
  • 50's Televisions

    50's Televisions
    T.V. programs started to increase, 8 million television sets in U.S., sets were 21 inch screens, black and white costed 200 dollars and colored cost 500 dollars.
  • 60's Televisions

    60's Televisions
    Televisions began to give more news than newspapers, T.V. became more affortable, 78 million sets in the U.S.
  • 70's Television

    70's Television
    New programs started that tested the original rules of what was appropriate to show on T.V.
  • Black and White T.V.

    Last year a balck and white T.V. was made.
  • 80's Televsion

    80's Televsion
    Cable T.V.ncreased, VCR's were coming about
  • 90's Television

    90's Television
    Programs became more risque, T.V.'s included additional features like sleep timers, parental control, etc., Plasma and LCD were in experimental stages