history of skateboarding

  • history of skateboarding

    Skateboarding was probably born sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s
    -skateboarding was discovered around this time.
  • surfers

    Surers in California get the bright idea to surf concrete and invent Skateboarding
  • creation

    1958: The skateboard is made from roller skates attached to a board.
    -people decided to try something out and attach the wheels from roller skates to a wooden board and the skateboard was created.
  • first sold

    the first manufactured skateboard found its way to store shelves in 1959.
  • skate

    Skateboarding: A Brief History
    In 1963, skateboarding was at a peak of popularity
    -in 1963 is when the sport skateboarding had become popular and more people began to try it out and found interest in it.
  • first professional

    And in 1963 professional-grade skateboards appeared on the market, along with teams of pro-riders to demonstrate them.
  • skate competition

    1963 The first skate contest was put on in Hermosa Beach, California
  • new safer wheels

    1972 The invention of the urethane wheel by Cadillac Wheels Frank Nasworthy making it a lot smother and safer for riders.
  • first ollie

    Then in 1978 Alan Gelfand (nicknamed “Ollie”) invented a maneuver that gave skateboarding another revolutionary jump. He would slam his back foot down on the tail of his board and jump, thereby popping himself and the board into the air. The ollie was born, a trick that completely revolutionized skateboarding.
  • vhs

    The intention of VHS. recording skateboarding videos that will reach kids all over the world.
  • popular

    Skateparks pop up everywhere and skateboarding video games lets every kid be a skater. skateboarding can be for anyone, and it is the most popular it has ever been.