History of Shakespeare's Life

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  • Apr 23, 1564

    The Birth of a Great

    Shakespeare's birth.
  • 1577

    Schools Out!

    Shakespeare's schooling days are over - he only attended school until age 13.
  • 1582

    Love Interest

    William Shakespeare met Anne Hathaway at age 18, in 1582. He married her in November the same year.
  • 1582

    No More Chores

    William helped his father run his glove shop until age 18.
  • Lights, Camera, Action

    At age 28, Shakespeare moved to London in order to begin a career in acting. This was because of his early marriage - he couldn't then become an apprentice and couldn't get a job, and thus turned to acting, which was regarded as an a lower class profession.
  • House

    In 1597 he bought his family a new house, called 'The New Place'.
  • Period:

    The Years Forever Lost

    The period was not documented as Shakespeare was a simple worker.