history of real estate

  • 344 BCE

    Alexander the Great

    Alexander the Great
    takes real estate by force from Persians
  • 1066

    William the Conqueror

    William the Conqueror
    defeats normans and declares England his
  • napolen

    acquires Egypt, Belgium, holland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland, and Spain
  • USA

    Louisiana Purchase
  • Baird Warner

    oldest real estate brokerage in our nation
  • USA

    USA buys Alaska from Russia
  • USA

    Oklahoma land rush they acquire 160 acres from 50,000 people
  • Realtor

    the term realtor is coined by the national real estate association of America
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    collapse of the real estate market
  • Internet

    internet listings become available
  • google maps

    google maps
    google maps makes it easier for people to view real estate
  • hosing bubble Burst

    hosing bubble Burst
    creates financially crisis
  • Apps

    real estate apps come out
  • housing market

    housing market shows sign of normalizing