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  • 1785

    Mark Akensidi presents major reports about a patient nicknamed "wart man", with skin nodules, skin patches on his legs, bed sores, pruritus and a huge head.
  • 1803

    Odier introduces the term neuroma to describe the involvement of the nerve network associated with the tumor.
  • 1830

    Schwann describes the nerve sheath cells in neurofibromas.
  • 1847

    Virchow reported neuromas in several members of one family and, in 1863, classified the tumors of peripheral nerves into true neuromas and false neuromas.
  • 1901

    Adrian described the hereditary transmission of NF in 20% of the cases he investigated
  • 1910

    Verocay suggested that these nerve tumors be called neurinomas and postulated that they originate from neuroectodermal cells,which is capable of causing various types of tumors of Von Recklinghausen disease
  • 1916

    Henshen identified the high incidence of bilateral acoustic neuromas as part of the disease
  • 1967

    Rosman and Pearce identified changes in cortical architecture associated with mental impairment in patients with NF.
  • 1982

    Riccardi classified NF into eight types with designations, clinical features and patterns of inheritance.
  • 1988

    1988 - The National Institute of Health established a diagnostic criteria for NF.
  • 2004

    Yang found that the suppression of the NF1 gene may also contribute to the molecular pathogenesis of acute myeloid leukemia, a disease that can cause greater risk of NF i. these patients that are being tested.
  • 2006

    Levine found slightly decreased IQ and a higher rate of attention deficit in patients with NF1
  • 2007

    Stevenson reported that children with NF1 have decreased bone mineral density when compared to the general population.
  • 2012

    Chaudhary showed how the therapy can treat tumors which is related to NF when chemotherapy does not work.