• How did began?

    How did began?
    All started, when, a pair of French brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumière, were photographers, who worked a lot in the study and progress of the photography and the sequences of the images. In 1881 when Louis, start to take photos in his father business, but when he revealed the sequence of taken photos he realized it was like watching it all over again what his father was doing, like a tape, so he told his brother, by joining ideas for a while, they had a conclusion.
  • How it began? II

    How it began? II
    A few years later, this sibling pair created an unprecedented form of art and entertainment that radically influenced popular culture. Their Cinémato­graphe introduced a crucial innovation: By projecting moving images into a large screen, it created a sequel of photos making a film and a perspective of entertainment and for many people, now, consider like art. Also been the beginning of Cinematography.
  • First Movie

    First Movie
    After many tries, studies, and development of cameras and sets, the first movie, ever existed, was created with the help of Adolphe Le Prince, a director. It was called "La sortie des ouvriers des usines Lumière à Lyon Monplaisir" was presented in March 22th, since then becoming known not only because of the interesting things about it, but also because of the revolutionary way of sharing a play with a camera, people in black and white, that in that moment was new and likely.
  • The evolution of it

    The evolution of it
    Since 1895, when the first movie was presented and approved by the public, the sibling work in the industry for what it took to their last moment on earth. Since the very moment in 1800 the cinema creative experimentation and technological advances have helped for the next 200 years till now to develop new techniques and categories for this type of entertainment and art. It's known that the big change that start innovating and creating new things was 5 stages.
  • Popularity

    The moment when the Lumières, who weren't directors, but worked in the production and shooting and mounting, when the cinema culture started to be known, directors of plays of theater of actors and models, jumped and saw it as the biggest opportunity since was getting a lot of popularity the movies and cinema industry.
  • Evolution I y II

    Evolution I y II
    Georges Méliès was an illusionist and filmmaker, who did, not the first movie but, the oldest and most knowledgeable movie back then in 1902,muted and black and white, is known because of the visual illusion.The discovery of Daniel Comstock and Burton Wescott,the Technicolor Corporation succeeded in using color in films. This discovery, based on the Kinemacolor system, recorded images in two colors red and teal using only one lens and a light and color filters splitter making easier the process.
  • Evolution III y IV

    Evolution III y IV
    In 1927, Alan Crosland premiered his black and white film The Jazz Singer, the difference and "the new" was the sound, since in that time wasn’t that know films with sounds. The technical advance was thanks to "Vitaphone". This system, sponsored by First National studios, allowed recording soundtracks and spoken texts on disks that were then reproduced at the same time as the film. Two decades after these technological revolutions, films could be seen in your own television by channels.
  • Evolution VI y VII

    Evolution VI y VII
    Since the sound and television were starting their chapter in history, it was time for the beginning of animation and the Pixar and Disney era. Starting with Micky Mouse and Looney Tunes in 1927, when these companies started to use draws and three-dimensional effects, for a time, later in the 1940s, it started the computer graphic characters and programs, making a huge difference and development of films and series for another complete generation of sounds, colors, production and entertainment.