Reel film

History of Motion Pictures

By Hops
  • The Beginning

    The first horizontal-feed motion picture camera is developed by Thomas Edisons assistant W.K.L. Dickson.
  • Where to Watch?

    The first permanent movie theatre is built in Los Angeles
  • Vitagraph Company

    The Vitagraph Company of America opens a film studio in California.
  • Hollywood Goes Big

    84% of all the films made in the U.S. were filmed in Hollywood
  • Economic decline

    As the depression takes its hold on Americans and their wallets, profits fall and many theatres close.
  • Movie addiction!

    It is assumed that 60 million out of 130 million Americans go to the movies every week!
  • Advances in film.

    Acetate/Safety film, made from cellulose triacetate, has replaced the highly inflammable nitrate film as the standard for 35mm film production, distribution and film preservation.
  • Academy Awards Ceremony

    The Academy Awards ceremony is broadcast on television for the first time. It draws the largest audience television's five-year commerical history.