History of Mechanics

  • First Steam Powered Vehicle

     First Steam Powered Vehicle
    The First Steam-powered Vehicle was created by Nicholas Joseph Cugnot 9. of being affected by Tricycle A real Scammers Wooden ruffles, iron wheels and weighed 4.5 Tons
  • Steam-Powered Taxis

    Steam-Powered Taxis
    The First Steam Taxis of the UN Unit appear. Capable of Carrying in a Few People Because of the Weight and Power of the Vehicle
  • Vehicle With Greater Capacity

    Vehicle With Greater Capacity
    The steam carriage with capacity for 18 passengers was created. Engineers from all over the world will not be able to stop thinking about steam engines
  • First Electric Vehicle

    First Electric Vehicle
    first Jeantaud Electric Vehicle. The Current Needed for its operation was the Administration of 21 Batteries
  • First Gasoline Engine

    First Gasoline Engine
    The gasoline engine with High Speed ​​primer. Maybach Engine design and construction was a sensation
  • Innovation In Vehicles For Competitions

    Innovation In Vehicles For Competitions
    Nikolaus Durkopp begins the manufacture of racing cars that incorporates an important innOvation, the transmission itself by means of chains ES Place of Belts
  • 6-Cylinder, 4-Wheel Engine

    6-Cylinder, 4-Wheel Engine
    Spyker builds the first six-cylinder engine and the first four-wheel drive vehicle in the Basses.
  • Donation Of The First Vehicle With Gasoline

    Donation Of The First Vehicle With Gasoline
    Karl Benz donates to the German museum of Munich the first motorized vehicle, manufactured in 1886. This car was the first vehicle with a gasoline engine
  • For The First Time 4-Wheel Brakes

    For The First Time 4-Wheel Brakes
    The firms Argyll, Crossley, Arrhjohnson and Isotta-Fraschini use four-wheel brakes for the first time
  • Auto "K" appears

    Auto "K" appears
    appears the completely new car `` K '' is included in 2.2 liters and only four cylinders, causing a great commotion in society
  • Car With Standard Equipment

    Car With Standard Equipment
    The Chrysler New Yorker car was the first American car with `` Air Bag '' as standard equipment
  • Vehicle With Gasoline And Electricity

    Vehicle With Gasoline And Electricity
    HONDA begins the 21st century by selling INSIGHP, a gasoline-electric hybrid in the United States
  • Toyota In Innovation

    Toyota In Innovation
    It seems that Toyota's Supra was reborn for 2009 and could be the way it looks, innovating in all its motoristic aspect.
  • Vehicle Capacity Currently

    Vehicle Capacity Currently
    Currently automated vehicles and vehicles that reach 431 Km / H