History of Magazines

  • Magazine invented

    Magazine invented
    The first magazine invented in Germany and is called Erbauliche Monaths-Unterrdungen, (Edifying Monthly Discussions).
  • Period: to


  • First Modern Magazine

    First Modern Magazine
    Magazines began as connected articles where very educated people freely wrote thier own opinions. Daniel Defoe created the first English magazine, The Review.
  • Magazines got more popular

    Magazines got more popular
    In the 1880s, only the very rich read magazines, they were small soft cover books thet only educated people could understand. Poor people read tabloids and newspapers. Magazines were very expensive, basically because the printing technology back then was very limited. Even the most popular magazine had a run of 100,000 copies.
  • National Geographic created

    National Geographic created
    National Geographic first published and sold in 1899.
  • Time magazine created

    Time magazine created
    Time, the first newsmagazine from the United States, was created by Henry Luce in 1923.
  • Sports Iilustrated created

    Sports Iilustrated created
    Henry Luce created Sports Illustrated in 1954
  • Rolling Stone created

    Rolling Stone created
    In 1967, Rolling Stone became one of the most popular special-interest magazines.
  • My Predicton of What will happen to Magazines in the future.

    I think that magazines will continue to get more and more digitally enhanced, and no longer be printed on paper.