History of Lodging

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  • The American Hotel Protective Association is founded in Chicago

    The lodging industry consists almost entirely of hotels situated in urban centers and resorts near the principal vacation destinations. Electricity is beginning to be installed in new hotels for cooking purposes, as well as for lighting. However, most hotels place candlesticks, new candles, and matches in every room- electric light bulb or not.
  • College inns

    The Treadway Company has some of the first management contracts on small college inns. The first collegiate program in hotel and restaurant management is initiated at Cornell University by the American Hotel Association.
  • Great Depression

    Due to the Great Depression, hotels post the lowest average occupancy rate on record, 51 percent. Construction grinds to a halt.
  • First to be listed in NY

    Sheraton is the first hotel corporation to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Travelodge becomes the first economy lodging corporation.
  • Renaming & televison

    The American Hotel Institute, later to be renamed the Educational Institute, is launched. Hilton is the first chain to install television sets in all guestrooms.
  • minibar

    Siegas introduces the first true minibar (a small refrigerator displaying products).
  • first lodging and food service company

    Hilton becomes the first billion-dollar lodging and food service company and the first to enter the Las Vegas market
  • Credit card

    Westin is the first major hotel company to offer reservations and checkout using major credit cards.
  • First outreach program

    Loews Hotels' Good Neighbor Policy becomes the industry's first and most comprehensive community outreach program.
  • hotel in space

    hotel in space
    Hilton unveils plans for the first luxury hotel in space.