Gaming education

History of Gaming in Education

  • Logo Programming

    Logo Programming
    In education it was used as a way to teach students programming and mathematical concepts.
  • Computers Left the Research Lab

    Computers were starting to pop up in other areas outside of research which opened the opportunity for home or personal use computers to develop.
  • Computer Literacy Initiatives

    Towards the latter of the 1970's the UK sought to create computer literacy initiatives due to their worry about job loss as computers becoming popular would result in less demand of people in the workforce.
  • Microprocessors

    British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) worked to create their own microcomputer since the process of manufacturing computers was becoming cheaper and faster. This allowed them to partner with schools and thus sell these microcomputers for use from primary to university levels.
  • Lemonade Stand

    Lemonade Stand
    A business and economic game that taught students the concepts of managing their own business with a lemonade stand. It placed the player in real-world simulation decision making scenarios.
  • Blaster Learning System Games

    Blaster Learning System Games
    More popularly known around the time as Math Blasters the game early on spawned off multiple versions including Reading Blasters & Science Blasters. it's original concept was created to teach mathematical concepts and deliver continuous math exercises for learners in grades 1st - 6th.
  • Carmen Sandiego Series

    Carmen Sandiego Series
    The first of the series being "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" The original concept of the game was meant to be a fun and engaging way to teach geography to students. Since then it's spun off into multiple versions and even a tv show. The series major peak was between the 80s and 90s.
  • Jumpstart 1st Grade (Knowledge Adventures)

    Jumpstart 1st Grade (Knowledge Adventures)
    Under the same umbrella as Math Blasters, Jumpstart's first CD-Rom game was created to cover an entire first grade curiculum from Reading & Math to Music and Playtime through and interactive schoolhouse. Since then it has grown and other grade levels were created along with a typing game focused on teaching learners how to type.
  • Big Brain Academy

    Big Brain Academy
    Similar to the Brain Age series, Big Brain Academy presented the user a series of brain teasers and memorization activities meant to provide mental exercises to the brain working the frontal cortex. Recently, it's been remixed into a multiplayer game so friends and family can join in on competitive fun on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Jumpstart World (MMO)

    Jumpstart World (MMO)
    A massively multiplayer online game or MMO game version of Jumpstart was created to shift into the online world to allow engagers to create avatar and interact with other players. This game allowed players to take on missions and complete goals to earn coins for spending purposes. Its goal was to enhance social skills and reinforce K-5 skills.
  • Kahoot!

    Originally designed for the classroom Kahoot! has gone outside the classroom and finds itself embedded in social settings like company trainings, sports events and cultural events. Its game concept is a multiple choice review game that can be played individually or competitively. Users can create question items or use previously created question banks.
  • Blooket

    Game based learning platform meant for classroom review. The game allows for the user to not only compete for the top spot but has different game settings that allow for anyone to come out on top not just the person who answers the most questions correctly.
  • Nintendo Labo™

    Nintendo Labo™
    Nintendo Labo™ kits are a fun and immersive kit that incorporates gameplay with tactile play that is also social. This focuses on the learners ability to create physical products that can then be used with a Nintendo Switch for virtual reality (VR) fun. Perfect for encouraging STEM and engineering interests through play.
  • Body Quest

    Body Quest
    A science based game with a focus on the human body. It allows learners to explore: Musculoskeletal system, Nervous system, Digestive system, Respiratory system and Circulatory system.