History of gaming

By K.Bowes
  • Pong

    Pong was the first game that came into pubs

    it was a game were you needed to turn a handle like a volume handle ot move the bat so that the ball doesnt go past your bat the aim of the game is to get it past the other person or computer
  • magnavox oddesy

    magnavox oddesy
    the magnavox oddesy was the next BIG thing everyone wanted one it had extra games and more games ment more fun
  • Atari

    The Atari Is A Computer Gameing
    with lots of games like pong and more
  • GameBoy

    the game boy was one of the best things around in 1990 it was a pocket game which you could carry round unlike the atari and the magnavox oddessy
  • Xbox Live

    Xbox Live
    this was the best thing that happened to xbox you could talk to each other by a head set and play on eachothers games together to help level up and get througth levels
  • nintendo DS

    nintendo DS
    this was a big leap from game boy this has beter grafics can fit both block games and chips
  • Xbox

    the xbox was one of the most amazing things when came out because you could have everything conected to the tv and then the games were disc
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    One of the most amazing things world wide even today
  • Nintendo ds lite

    Nintendo ds lite
    the ds lite was a big jump you could chat to people online you could play people by wi-fi and lots more
  • Ds i

    Ds i
    Now this was amazing you could go on facebook webcam chat (it has a camara) and lots more Amazing things on it like photo editing