History of Four Wheelers

By tneiman
  • First ATV

    First ATV
    The first honda ATV
  • First Four Wheeler

    First Four Wheeler
    Honda's first four-wheel ATV, the TRXª200, debuted in 1984.
  • The ATV market

    The ATV market
    The market responded almost immediately, making 1984 Honda's biggest sales year for ATVs. The 370,000 units delivered in 1984 remain the high water mark for Honda ATV sales, making up a full 69 percent of total ATV sales in the U.S
  • Most Accidents

    Most Accidents
    In 1986, CPSC statistics suggested that most ATV accidents were due to improper rider behavior that ignored the distributor's warnings.
  • A Domestic Phenomenon

    A Domestic Phenomenon
    Whereas Honda ATVs were largely a domestic phenomenon before 1990, they're currently working in more than 35 different countries worldwide.