History of Film

  • Creation of the first camera

    Creation of the first camera
    The first partially successful camera was built, although it was cumbersome and required specialist knowledge to be used correctly.
  • Paper film was developed

    Paper film was developed
    In 1885 George Eastman, who was under tutelage from 2 amateur photographers at the time, developed a gelatin based paper film.
  • Zoopraxiscope ( The 1st Projector)

    Zoopraxiscope ( The 1st Projector)
    The lumiere brothers figured out how to project light onto a screen and created the first projector, They then went around France showing people short 10 second films.
  • Arrival Of A Train

    Arrival Of A Train
    The first ever movie, "The Arrival Of A Train", was a 50 second film depicting a train pulling into a train station in French town of La Ciotat.
  • Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin
    A man named Charlie Chaplin became known as the most famous silent movie maker and was the first to expose the paranoia and political intolerance in the U.S during the Cold War.
  • Period: to

    Sound movies

    the technology needed to create movies with sound began being developed and used around this time, decreasing the production of silent films.
  • Color Movies

    Color Movies
    Films like "The wizard of Oz" and "Gone with the wind", which were the first to use experimental technology to put color in movies.
  • End of Silent Films

    End of Silent Films
    Due to the overwhelming popularity of movies coming out with sound at the time, the production of silent films completely ceased.
  • Jaws

    Due to the success of jaws, block buster films skyrocketed in popularity and rolled in a new era of block buster films.
  • Period: to

    CGI ( Computer Generated Image )

    Given a jump start by the popularity of movies like Jaws, Star Wars, and Alien, CGI started becoming more popular use in movies.
  • Digital

    The transfer of movies from film to digital began, mainly because digital was a lot cheaper
  • Film disappears

    Film disappears
    By 2010 all use of film in movies has ceased.