History of Film

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In History
  • Creation of the first camera

    The first camera was invented
  • Paper film was developed

    A system for moving pictures to paper was discovered
  • Projectors

    The lumiere brothers figured out how to project light onto a screen and created the first projector. they went around the France showing people short 10 second films
  • The First movie

    the first movie, a train robbery, was the first movie with a narrative and lasted 12 minutes with 14 scenes.
  • Mppc

    Thomas Edison creates a group along with several companies to gain a monopoly on films
  • Charlie Chaplin

    A man named Charlie Chaplin started making millions off of his silent films
  • Period: to

    Sound movies

    the technology needed to create movies with sound began being created and used around this time
  • Color Movies

    Films like "The wizard of Oz" and "Gone with the wind", who were the first with color, came out.
  • Jaws

    Due to the success of jaws, block buster films skyrocketed in popularity and rolled in a new era of block buster films.
  • Digital

    The transfer of movies from film to digital began, mainly because digital was a lot cheaper
  • Film disappears

    By 2010 all use of film in movies has ceased.