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  • Motion pictures discovered

    Motion pictures discovered
    Edward Muybridge bets 25000 dollars that horse run so fast that all 4 legs are in the air at some point. To test this he lined up cameras all across the course and they all took pictures of the horse his theory was right and when combined the pictures seemed to be moving. Thus motion pictures was discovered
  • Kinetoscope

    The Kinetoscope is used by Thomas Edison as a way to show peephole motion shows for 30-60 seconds. Edison wanted to make money off of this so he sold these to the parlors but he also tried to hid the technology of the projector to public.
  • First narrative film

    First narrative film
    Edwin Porter one of Edison's partners created the first film with an actual story to it. It was called "The Great Train Robbery" It was 12 minutes long and had 14 scenes this was very innovative at the time.
  • First animated film

    First animated film
    What is considered the first cartoon was created in 1908 by French man Emile Cohl."Fantasmagorie" was the name of the film. It included a stick figure interacting with many object and those objects morphing into different things.
  • Industry move to Hollywood

    Industry move to Hollywood
    Because of Thomas Edison's patents my independent film makers were harassed and forced to quit. Also the sunny weather in LA was ideal for movie shooting. So in 1912 Major motion companies started moving out west and thus the Hollywood we know today was born
  • First Super Actor

    First Super Actor
    Charlie Chaplin who was making about 150 dollars a week for his acting. Was beloved by many,by 1917 he was making 1million dollars per year. This was massive at the time and he became the first superstar actor.
  • Warner Bros

    Warner Bros
    Warner Bros is founded in 1923 by four brothers who came from Canada. Warner Bros would become one of the biggest film making companies in the world
  • Walt Disney

    Walt Disney
    Walt Disney was founded by Walter Disney in 1923 this company focused on animation and would grow to become the biggest animation company in the world
  • Steamboat Willie

    Steamboat Willie
    Steamboat Willie was the first modern day type cartoon and was created by Disney. It introduced the character Mickey Mouse and was 8 minutes long and included a story line
  • Disney's first full film

    Disney's first full film
    Snow White and the seven dwarfs was the first full length film made by disney and ran for 101 minutes this would be the start of many to come.
  • WW2

    WW2 had made the 1940's look to not be a promising time for film making as foreign markets were lost due to attacks on pearl harbor and other attacks
  • Drive in Movies

    Drive in Movies
    By the late 1950's there were over 4000 drive in movies in the USA this was the height of drive in movies and was a way for teens to go on dates and have fun
  • British influence

    British influence
    By 1962 Hollywood production had fell 26% thanks to movie making outside the country most of them coming from Great Britain
  • Counter culture

    Counter culture
    The counter of the 1970's such as hippie movements and others allowed Hollywood to become more free with language,violence,and sex.
  • Rocky 3

    Rocky 3
    Rocky 3 was released in 1982 and is one of the most iconic movies ever and had the eye of the tiger
  • VCR and home video

    VCR and home video
    The VCR and home video business was booming and in 1991 70% of the USA owed one. Places such as blockbuster were huge
  • Highest grossing film

    Highest grossing film
    In 2009 the movie "Avatar" was released and has grossed 2.7 billion dollars worldwide and has been the highest grossing film in history.
  • Star wars

    Star wars
    Star wars the force awakens hit office in 2015 and has already grossed over 2billion dollars worldwide
  • Period: to

    Nickelodeons explode

    Nickelodeons were basically the first modern day movie theaters. Theaters would play projected short films for a crowd. Admission was a Nickel hence the name. First opened in 1905 in Pittsburgh by 1910 Nickelodeons were attracting 26 million viewers weekly.
  • Period: to

    Golden of Age of Hollywood

    The 1930's is considered by many to be the Golden age of film making in Hollywood as many big time actors, and iconic films were created during this decade.