History of film

Timeline created by roxman
  • The Zoopraxscope

    Invented by Eadward Muybridge. Was a 50ft long shed with 12 cameras that were set of by strings being set off thus when as the photos were taken and put together, gave the illusion of motion.
  • Leland Stanford's bet

    Made a 25,000 dollor bet that all four legs of a horse come off the ground when it is running.He won the bet by having camera's take 12 rapid photos showing in motion the horse's run
  • George Eastmen

    Marketed the first hand held camera called a celluloid, which could be carred around to film anything at any moment
  • Kinetoscope invented

    Thomas Edison invented the Kinetoscope. A machine that plays 20 second films by having images get spun rapidly around by a crank. It was nick named the peep-hole
  • The Zoetrope

    Same as the Kinetoscpoe by was a cylinder instead and had images that were spun at a fast rate to give the illusion of motion.
  • The Black Maria-The first film studio

    Edison built the first film studio in 1893 near his lab in New Jearsy. The top could open up to let the right amount of sunlight in for the film to work. It could turn on tracks to face the sun
  • First kinetoscope parlor opened in New York

    The first Kinetoscpoe parlor was opened to the public in New York. People could walk in, pay a penny to see a short film, and walk out. Was out dated two years later after new versions of the machine came out
  • Cinematograph

    Functioned as a camera, printer, and projector all in one.
  • The Lumiere brothers have the world’s first public film screening

    Auguste and Louis Lumiere are credited with the world's first public film screening. Thay played 10 short films in the basement of the Grand Cafe in Paris, France
  • A Trip to The Moon

    Invented by George Melies, was the first science fiction film ever made. Had a group of scientist travel to the moon where they were captured by aliens and barelly excapted the moon. Weird story but still not as bad as most movies today.
  • The great Train Robbery

    Invented by Edwin S.Porter, used parallel editing. The first film to have multible plot lines and the first stunt which was a dummie thrown off a train.