History of English Language

By Emilyjb
  • 449 Anglo Saxon invasion

    Welsh, Cornish and Cumbric languages develop
  • 787 Vikings invade

    Stemming from the Viking invasion more than 1,500 place names have scandinavian origins.
    Also a selection of the 1,800 scandinavian words entered the English Language at this time.
  • 1066 Norman Invasion

    Bringing a French Influence to the English Language.
    Spelling and punctuation here begins to shift as the Normans have their own way of spelling, soon the old English language begins to die out.
  • 12th Century

    Led to a renewed interest in Greek, Latin and Arabic.
  • 14th Century

    French had a big impact on the English language in the 14th century with 10,000 French words enetering the English language.
  • Invention of the printing press, 1476

    Invention of the printing press brought around a major step towards standard writing.
  • 15th Century

    During the 15th century the great vowel shift took place leading to a huge step in pronunciation and leading words to be pronouced more like what they are today.
  • Elizabethan age

    During the Elizabethan age there was rapid geographical growth and expansion of the English in the New world.
    Immigrants brought many new words from different nationalities into the English language.
  • 1604

    Robert Cawdreys ‘A Table Alphabeticall’ is published listing the meaning of over 2,500 words this is the first Englsih dictionary.
  • 16th century

    Settlers from all over the British Isles bring influence to different American accents.
    Americanisms today are the remains of Middle English which were passed from the Atlantic at this time.
  • 18th Century

    During the 18th century the seeds of English language are planted across the world as more British collonies are claimed.
  • Industrial revolution

    Leads to Major developments in science and technology leading to the need for terms to name these developments.
    so a project is begun in 1844 to compile a new English dictionary, this later becomes the Oxford English dictionary.
  • Electronic revolution

    Begins in 1972 with the sending of the first Email.
    The creation of the world wide web, which most of it is in English helps the English language to go global.
  • 20th Century

    English is emerged as a world language, eg it is used all over the world.