History of Energy

  • 1st Turbine

    1st Turbine
    Giovanni Branca designed the first early turbine.
  • Lighting is Electricity

    Lighting is Electricity
    Benjamin Franklin discovered that lightning is electricity.
  • 1st Electric Motor

    1st Electric Motor
    Michael Farady creates the 1st electric motor.
  • 1st Drill for Oil

    1st Drill for Oil
    Edwin Drake is the 1st person to drill for oil in Titusville, PA. It was a success!
  • Wood Used to Heat Homes

    Wood Used to Heat Homes
    Wood became very popular for heating homes and cooking.
  • 1st Coal-Fired Power Station

    1st Coal-Fired Power Station
    Thomas Edison invented the 1st coal-fired power station in New York City. This power station provides electricity for houses.
  • 1st Windmill

    1st Windmill
    Poul La Cour built the 1st windmill used for power.
  • 1st Car

    1st Car
    Henry Ford created the 1st successful car, the Model T.
  • 1st Petroleum Refinery

    1st Petroleum Refinery
    The nation's 1st modern petroleum refinery was built by Shell in Martinez, CA.
  • 1st Nuclear Power Plant

    1st Nuclear Power Plant
    The 1st commercial nuclear power plant was built in Shippingport, PA.