History of Energy

By gallen
  • Period: to

    Enercy History in the US

  • The Kite Experiment

    The Kite Experiment
    Benjamin Franklin flew a kite with an iron key attached during a thunder storm to prove that lightning was electrical.
  • The Electric Battery

    The Electric Battery
    Around 1800, the first eletric battery was invented Alessandro Volta.
  • The Light Bulb

    The Light Bulb
    The inventor, Thomas Jefferson, preformed the first successful test of a practical incandescent electric light bulb.
  • Fluorescent Lights

    Fluorescent Lights
    The first flrorescnet light bulb was invented.
  • First in Flight

    First in Flight
    The Wright brothers made the first sustained manned flight in their plane for 12 seconds.
  • The Model T

    The Model T
    Henery Ford first invented the Model T car in 1912.
  • Wind Turbine

    Wind Turbine
    In 1927, the first wind turbine was built in the US.
  • LED

    The first light emmiting diode was reported.
  • Solar Panel

    Solar Panel
    In 1941, the first silicon cell solar panel was invented.
  • Nuclear Power

    Nuclear Power
    The first nuclear reactor was built.