History Of Education In Europe

  • Jan 1, 1088

    University Of Bologna Created

    In addition to this, a number of secular universities existed, such as the University of Bologna, founded in 1088.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1088 to

    Education Through Out History

    The Education Of History In Europe
  • Jan 1, 1160

    University Of Paris Created

    Many of the earliest universities, such as the University of Paris founded in 1160
  • Jan 1, 1179

    Free Education For The Poor

    Free education for the poor was officially mandated by the Church in 1179 when it decreed that every cathedral must assign a master to teach boys too poor to pay the regular fee
  • Jan 6, 1561

    Scotland Church Create A Spiritual Program

    In Scotland, the national Church of Scotland set out a programme for spiritual reform in January 1561 setting the principle of a school teacher for every parish church and free education for the poor.
  • Ivan Betskoy Was Appointed As An Educational Advisor

    In the 1760s, Ivan Betskoy was appointed by the Russian Tsarina, Catherine II, as educational advisor.
  • Polish establishment

    The Polish establishment in 1773 of a Commission of National Education.
  • Wilhelm von Humboldt founded a new university in Berlin

    Under the guidance of Wilhelm von Humboldt a new university was founded in Berlin in 1810 which became the model for many research universities.
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