History of Education (EDU150)

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  • Puritans begin Education in America

    The Puritans were very heavy on education. From the time that they were very young, these kids would be going to school and learning. Education was simply very important to the Puritans. Their base and focus on education leads to other cities to start having a heavy focus on education.
  • Harvard College Founded

    Harvard College Founded
    Harvard was the very first college in America and was founded by the Puritans. This college was the start of other upper-level education to teach students and helped lead to universities toady like Iowa and Wayne State.
  • Brown vs Board of Education

    Brown vs Board of Education
    Brown vs Board of Education is debatably one of the top three court cases in American history. This court case let all races go to school together. Even after the court case had its decision made the uproar was still so bad that the nine students that went to school with the other students had to be escorted in and out to make sure they stayed safe. They were called the Little Rock Nine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym8rdtq-KBE
  • Headstart Founded

    Headstart was introduced by President Johnson. With headstart being introduced it gave parents a good place to drop their kids off when they were at work. It was a free daycare that helped teach students as well.
  • Tinker vs Des Moines Board of Education

    Most people do not think of Tinker vs Des Moines as something major in education but this court case took away some freedoms of speech for students in school. This gave the school the right to choose (to an extent) what students could and could not wear.
  • Sallie Mae Loans

    Many people do not know what Sallie Mae is but these are loans that were originally given out by the government to help people go to college and not be in debt for the rest of their lives. Some people think this is great where other people think this is bad because it gave colleges a reason to just raise their price because they knew the government would just pay extra.
  • Computers begin being in School

    Computers begin being in School
    Computers were started being used in schools in the early 1980s. Technology in general has changed schools from books to looking up and completing assignments through the internet. Today schools even give the students laptops because education and technology have merged together
  • A Nation at Risk

    A Nation at Risk Text
    A Nation at Risk helped raise a lot of attention to how America was not becoming smarter. This alarmed a lot of the country because after the Space Race America realized that they were not the smartest country in the world like they thought they were https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9WMI703WrA
  • Columbine Massacre

    Columbine is not something that everyone wants to talk about but the shooting ended up raising a lot of awareness to the safety in schools and made parents rethink if their kids were safe or not. Schools upgraded their security and now schools hold active shooter drills.
  • No Child Left Behind

    No Child Left Behind gave every student a chance to succeed but the part that really has an effect on schools was how it gave schools tons of standardized tests to take. Some people love this because kids are being tested so much where other people think teachers are only teaching the test instead of actually teaching the subject.