History of Education

Timeline created by Colbyhamilton1
  • First Free School Opens in Virginia

  • The University of Georgia becomes "America's First State-Chartered School"

  • High Schools in Massachusetts

    A law that states that any town with more than 500 families must have a high school.
  • Massachusetts Mandatory Attendance Law

    Massachusetts creates a law that makes it mandatory that kids go to school.
  • Great Depression Begins

    Stock market crashes and makes many schools close and shut down.
  • Brown Vs. Board of Education

    Prevents the racial segregation in school systems
  • The ACT test is administered

  • Head Start Program

    A program started to help low income families get their children in preschools and day cares.
  • Title IX

    A law that prohibits the discrimination based on sex in education.
  • The National Association of Bilingual Education is Founded