History of Education 1944 - 2012

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  • McNair Report

    The supply, recruitment and training of teachers and youth leaders. It recommended rationalisation of teacher training provision, a three year course and salary increases.
  • Education Act 1944. "Butler's Education Act"

    This act defined the modern split between primary education and secondary education at the age of 11 and the school leaving ages was raised to 15. Grammar schools were defined as schools for those who were academically gifted. The act also stated that fees for school would be prohibited and those requiring special education were provided for, a major turn in the education system. Tripartite hierachal system of grammar, technical and secondary modern schools.
  • Labour Wins General Election

    New Minister for Education Ellen Wilkinson was set about to implement the 1944 Education Act. She had big ambitions for changing education in England however costs disallowed her to follow these through. However in 1946 free school milk was given to all.
  • Education Act 1946

    Arrangments for the management for voluntary and controlled schools.
  • Universal Free School Milk

    Universal free school milk given to all pupils.
  • Education (miscellaneous provisions) Act 1948

  • Intoduction of GCE (General Certificate of Education)

    Primarily grammar school exams to replace the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate
  • Education (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act

  • Colleges of Advanced Technology became New Universities

  • Education Act 1959

    Grants and Loans to aided schools and special agreement schools
  • Primary Education Reform

    Suggestions for the consideration of teachers and others concerned with the work of primary schools
  • Crowther Report 1959

    Recommended raising the school leaving age to 16 and the provision of further education for 15 - 18 year olds.
  • Beloe Report 1960

    Intorduction of other Secondary School Examinations than the GCE
  • Education Act 1962

    Required LEA's to provide students with grants for living costs and tuition fees. Placed legal obligation on the parents to ensure their children recieved a suitable education at school or face prosecution. Made LEA's legally responsible for ensuring that pupils attended school.
  • Education Act (Boyle)

    Introduction of Middle Schools
  • Harold Wilson's Labour Government

    Harold Wilsons labour government promised to set up comprehensive schools combining pupils of all ability levels in one school that served a specific catchment area
  • Polytechnics Established

  • Education Act

    Laid down rules about changing the character of a school
  • Children and Young Persons Act

    Gave LEA's responsibility for not recieving education
  • Education (milk) Act

    Limited the provision of free school milk
  • Education (work experience) Act

    Allowed LEA's to organise work experience for final year school children
  • School Leaving Age Raised to 16

  • Warnock Report - Special Education Needs

    Major report on the provision for children and young people with special needs
  • Waddell Report - School Examinations

    Recommended a a single exam at the age of 16 to replace the GCE O level
  • Education Act

    Repelled Labour's act to abolish selection. Allowed LEA's to maintain selection
  • Education Act

    Introduction of public money for children to go to private schools. Gave parents greater power over governing bodies and admission. Removed the obligation of the LEA's to provide school milk and meals.
  • The School Cirriculum

    Publication advising LEA's on cirriculum development
  • Education (Grants and Awards) Act 1984

    Introduced Education Support Grants
  • The National Cirriculum 5 -16

    Government set out it's plans for the introduction of the National Cirriculum and associated assessment procedures
  • Education Reform Act BIG IMPACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Major act establishing the national cirriculum and testing regime. GCSE's replaced O levels and CSE's
  • Education (student loans) Act

    Introduced 'top up' loans for HE students
  • Born

    Born at Shrewsbury Hospital
  • Education (schools) Act

    Ofsted introduced
  • Education Act

    Laid down rules for pupil exclusions and for failing schools. Introduction of the school cirriculum and Assessment Authority
  • Education Act

    Established the Teacher Training Authority
  • Started Ford Primary School

  • National Literacy Strategy

    To raise literacy standards
  • Education (schools) Act

    Abolished the assisted places scheme
  • Moved to Market Drayton Primary School

  • Crick Report

    Recommended that citizenship education be a statutory requirement
  • Moved to Hodnet Primary School

  • Introduction of AS Levels

  • Moved to Childs Ercall Primary School

  • Education (middle schools) Regulations

    Whether middle schools would be defined as primary or secondary
  • Started Secondary School

    Started secondary education at Grove School
  • Higher Education Act

    Allowed universities to charge variable top up fees
  • Green Paper - Staying in Education

    Argues that all young people should stay in education or training up to the age of 18
  • Took 'A' Levels

    Studied Biology, Chemistry and French at Grove College
  • Education and Skills Act

    Raised the Education leaving age to 18. Key Stage 3 SATS abolished
  • Statred University

    Started a biology degree at the University of Wolverhampton
  • Academies Act

    Provided huge expansion of academies
  • Started PGCE Secondary Education Biology

    Started a teacher training programme at the University of Wolverhampton
  • Graduated

    Graduated with a 2.1 (hons) in Biology from the University of Wolverhampton