History Of Education

  • Education from 1900s

    Education from 1900s
    Education in 1900 was very simple only a few schools were availible and the education was simple.Students used to go on 1 horse buggy and the classrooms had only one big room or a hall.Even though there was the Oxford University in London which prompted many geniuses
  • Imroving Education

    Imroving Education
    Education was now spreading all over the world in a better way.First people in rural areas were teaching about religion.People in rural areas were very simple and dont wanted to study.
  • The Geniuses

    The Geniuses
    Now some extra-ordinary people were showing their talent and with the law of physics the Titanic engineers made that extra-ordinary thing!
  • Education in 30s

    Education in 30s
    Public Schools were made and they were often.Still their was a problem of finance that the government could not pay the salaries for teachers and maintainance.Even though rich families were funding and these were the dark ages of the schools
  • The imrovement in Education

    The imrovement in Education
    The 1940s were a decade of profound change at all levels of education. Primary and secondary education, for the most part underfunded, poorly organized, and inefficient, became more standardized, better organized, and properly funded. Higher education, divided between progressive educational advances and the lingering traditions of nineteenth-century "gentleman's" education, became definitively modern. The new university offered students unprecedented social and academic freedom.
  • The effects of World War II

    The effects of World War II
    World War Two had many bad effects on education because many schools were badly affected and some students left the schools in fear
  • Education in 1950s

    Education in 1950s
    changed the nation. Racial problems, McCarthyism, the Cold War, and budget shortages all affected the world of education. The notion of education itself became more than the traditional training of reading, writing, and arithmetic for children. The social and cultural events of the decade had an immense impact on the way in which Americans defined education. Who should be trained to teach students, how should teachers perform their jobs.
  • Many Inventions brought about by Education

    Many Inventions brought about by Education
    Many new inventions were in being because of further studies.Now many classy and fast cars were invented by looking at their aerodynamics which was taught in physics.Many other machines were also invented , noting the news and improved laws of physics
  • Education in 1970s

    Education in 1970s
    Some schools and colleges were administered by those who believed that the success of any institution and any teacher should be measured not by the treatment of its high-achieving students, but rather by the treatment of those not achieving. They believed that society's strength is much like a chain whose ultimate value is dependent upon its weakest member. Even administrators who disagreed with this philosophy found them-selves altering their positions to obtain increased federal funding often.
  • Expanded Oppurtunity

    Expanded Oppurtunity
    In the early 1980s the educational policy catchword changed from equity to excellence. Battles had raged during the 1960s and 1970s over expanding educational equity and opportunity, and many Americans who had been excluded from the mainstream emerged as winners. The percentage of Americans graduating from high school rose from 50 percent in 1950 to 75 percent in 1980.
  • World Became Colorful

    World Became Colorful
    Now new and colorful cameras were invented only with the help of education.Money was spended in a higher amount to improve the education and teach about computer.Games were also invented in this period of 1995 which were usually for entertainment
  • Education at its peak

    Education at its peak
    Now it seemed that internet has discovered and schools got oppurtunities to improve their education and teaching skills.Many schools were now using computer tech and requirments of a better school were fulfilled
  • The modern world

    The modern world
    Now education is like no effort because it is taught in many easy ways such as technology has taken the place of teachers.Now some teachers are using technology to make their students understand their concepts easily!