History of Education

By cwick
  • Massachusetts Act of 1642

    This Act forced children to go to school, it was no longer voluntary as it had once been. This put in place a very important law that we still use today that says that it is mandatory for students to go to school until the age of 18. I beleive this show the value that this counrty puts on education.
  • Manns Proposal for Teacher Education

    In the late 1830's Mann proposed the requirement that teachers need an education beyond high school, and that they should be trained in a professional program. I believe this shows the value in teachers education, that they need to be professionally trained just like in any other occupation.
  • Boston English Classical School

    This was the first state supported school and marked the beggining of the fight for common shcools. Today so many of our schools are supported by the state which allows all chirldren to recieve education no matter what their social status is.
  • Morill Land Grant Act

    This act gave federal land up for schools. Today many well known schools are built upon this grant. For example, Umd. Without this, many schools that are well known today for their out standing achievement would not be around.
  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    The verdict of this case led to desegragation in the schools. Without this case Arican American students would have continued to recieve inadequete education for no apparent reason other than their skin color.
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    Through this Act at-risk schools recieved assistance in adressing the problems that they faced. This is such an important Act because it is the schools that are struggling the most that need support so that they do not need to worry about all their problems and they can focus on their education and teaching.
  • Title Nine

    In 1975 femals were finally given the same rights as males in both athletics and academics. Before this law women continued to be seen as subordinate to males but after this they were able to show their true abilities and get noticed for them.
  • Education For All Handicapped Children Act

    This act extended educational oppurtunities to children with disabilities. Just like it is not fair to discriminate based on skin color and gender, its not fair to discriminate against a person with disabilities. This act allowed students with disabilities to finally recieve the education that they deserved.
  • No Child Left Behind

    In 2002 President George W. Bush signed a law requiring all schools across the U.S. to give standardized tests to their students to measure their achievment and success. This law completely transformed education becuase of the high stakes testing schols began teaching to the test and forgot about their actual lesson plans.
  • Obama waivers No Child Left Behind

    In 2011 President Obama began handing out waivers to states that no longer wanted to take part in NCLB. By giving them a waiver though they would have to come up with some other sort of assesment for their students so that they could measure the achiement rates in their students. This is huge for the education system because they will no longer be unfairly tested to measure success of teachers, schools, and students.