History of disease

By daisymb
  • London smallpox deaths

    London recorded a record 3,538 smallpox deaths for the year.
  • First Compulsory Vaccination Attempted

    Marianne Elisa of Lucca (Napoleon’s sister) became the first ruler to try making vaccination compulsory. She was unable, however, to determine a practical method of enforcement.
  • Pacini Links Bacterium to Disease

    Italian physician Filippo Pacini (1812-1883) linked the cholera bacterium to the disease itself. Pacini microscopically observed samples from the intestines of cholera victims and noted the presence of tiny, comma-shaped particles that he suggested were the cause of the disease. (The bacterium is known today is Vibrio cholerae. The genus Vibrio includes several species of comma-shaped or rod-shaped bacteria that are mobile by means of a whip-like flagellum, or tail-like structure.)
  • Vaccination Law Passes

    Massachusetts passed the first U.S. law mandating vaccination for schoolchildren.
  • Smallpox Hospital Loses 110 Patients in 1 Week

    Richmond’s smallpox hospital admitted 250 patients during the week of December 12-19. Of the 250, 110 died.