History of Dance

  • 3300 BCE

    First Dancing

    First Dancing
    It is believed that the first people to dance were the Egyptians. Archaeologists discovered paintings of dancing figures in rock shelters and caves.
  • 1400

    Ballet Comes Into Play

    Ballet Comes Into Play
    Ballet started in Italy around the year 1400, but didn’t really become popular until around the year of 1500. Ballet gained its popularity when a lady of the arts, Catherine de Medici, married King Henry 11 and threw festivals where they would preform ballet dances. Ballet is believed to be the main core of every single dance style.
  • Masque Dancing

    Masque Dancing
    Masque dancing started from elaborate pageants and shows in the 16th century. Masque dancing involved intricate costuming and stage designing that also incorporated singing and acting as well as dancing. It was often used as a court entertainment.
  • Classical Persian Dancing

    Classical Persian Dancing
    This style of dance evolved from courtroom dancing. An era influencing Persian dance was the Qajar Dynasty which lasted from 1795 to 1925. Dancers would preform artistic and lively dances for the Shah. The music is usually played by a small band.
  • Tippity Tappity, Time for Tap

    Tippity Tappity, Time for Tap
    Tap dancing originated from African tribe dancing. It is believed that tap dancing started in the mid-1800s. Tap dancing makes percussion sounds because of dancers most commonly wearing leather shoes with two pieces of metal and clip and clap against hard floors. Tap is still very popular to this day.
  • Merengue Dancing

    Merengue Dancing
    Merengue was first a music style that originated in the Dominican Republic before it became a dance style. The style originated from laborers working in sugar beet fields. It is a Caribbean dance style that involves partners holding each other in a tango-like position and moving their hips side to side.
  • Jazz and Acro

    Jazz and Acro
    Jazz dance originated from Africa and puts an emphasis on rhythm and timing. Some older styles of jazz movements include the shimmy, the Lindy hop, and the Charleston. Acro dance is short for acrobatics. It originated in circuses such as Cirque De Soleil. It involves doing smooth and flexible movements, and lots of backbending and tricks. Both these styles are widely popular to this day.
  • Contemporary Dance

    Contemporary Dance
    Contemporary dance is a style that combines jazz, ballet, and modern dance. Its said that the first ever contemporary choreographer was Merce Cunningham. Contemporary can be many different styles, but most of the time it is melancholy and or intense. It involves a lot of technique usage. It is very popular among the competitive dance scene today.
  • Hip Hop Dance

    Hip Hop Dance
    Hip hop dance made an entrance in the 1970s. It originated from African tribe dances, but did not become popular until way after the time it was started. Hip hop involves sharp movements. There are many styles of hip hop that include breaking, popping, locking, and more.
  • Dance Nowadays

    Dance Nowadays
    Today's dance style has taken a turn towards more hip hop dances. Because of hip hop has not been around nearly as long as most dance styles, it's still the most popular style to this day. Small and popular dances that involve hip hop and that most everyone can achieve include the whip and nae nae, Gangnam Style (its a little old), shooting, and more. Ballet, jazz, and contemporary are very popular in dance studios, especially competitive dance studios.