History of Cyberpunk

  • Charles Babbage, Analytical Engine

    For cyberpunk to have been created and labelled, the computer was an essential factor. Simply put, without computer, there is not cyberpunk. In 1834, Charles Babbage invented the “Analytical Engine which was the beginning of computers (Babbage n.d.). Babbage’s creation has inadvertently led to cyberpunk. Reference List
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  • The Term "Cyberpunk"

    The term “cyberpunk” was named by Bruce Bethke in 1983. He combined the terms “cyber” – which has to do with computers and information technology – and “punk” – which refers to unlawful rebels that listen to punk music (What is cyberpunk n.d.). Reference List
    What is cyberpunk n.d., viewed 16 August 2012, http://www.hatii.arts.gla.ac.uk/MultimediaStudentProjects/00-01/0003637k/project/html/condef.htm.
  • William Gibson Neuromancer

    In 1984, William Gibson published a book called “Neuromancer”. This book became the most well-known cyberpunk book of all times as it demonstrates how much control technology has over our lives (Information Database 2007). Reference List
    Information Database 2007, viewed 16 August 2012, http://project.cyberpunk.ru/idb/neuromancer.html.
  • The Matrix

    In 1999, popular film “The Matrix” came out at the cinemas. This film perfectly depicted cyberpunk as a computer hacker discovers the truth behind life and how ‘the matrix’ is reality (IMBd 1999). The main characters in this film are either recognised as good or evil. This is the obvious relationship the movie has with cyberpunk – there are computer rebels. Reference List
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  • Video Game

    There is talk of a video game that is being created based on cyberpunk. It captures the knowledge and ideas of William Gibson, Phillip K. Dick, and the Blade Runner film. The game features guns, action and cybernetic enhancements for game characters (Patterson 2012). Reference List
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