History of coming of age films timeline

  • Rebel Without a Cause

    Following the life of the troubled protagonist Jim Stark, (James Dean) this film, directed by Nicholas Ray, is one of the first and most famous coming of age films. Due to problems in his home town, the protagonist starts the film by moving to a new town. Int he film he befriends and falls in love with a local girl Judy (Natalie Wood). I have not seen this film but, being one of the first in it's genre, it was recieved well as it was used to explore the differences and confli between generations
  • Grease

    Set in the late 50's, this film is rom-com musical is about two teenagers falling in love over the summer (kind of the same pricipal as Say Anything). When it was released the film was very popular with a teenage audience, but people are now atarting to think that the film could teach young girls to change for a man. But the film also has strong characters, like Rizzo who shows that it's pkay to show your emotions.
  • Breakfast Club

    Directed by John Hughes the Breakfast Club follows 5 high school teenagers in detention on a Saturday. The characters include, the criminal (Judd Nelson), the princess (Molly Ringwald), the athlete (Emilio Estevez), the brain (Anthony Michael Hall), the basket case (Ally Sheedy). This film is one of the most famous coming of age films. I like Breakfast Club is because it’s an original idea and anyone can relate to at least one person in the film.
  • Ferris Beuller's Day Off

    Directed by John Hughs, this American comedy is based around protagonist, Ferris, who is determined to get a day off school. I enjoyed this film as it has an interesting and humerous narrative as well as translating very well to the modern day, and being very relatable for a teenage audience (like the majority of coming of age films.)
  • Stand by Me

    Directed by Rob Reiner the film tells the story of four boys who go on a hike across the countryside to find the dead body of a missing child. I haven't seen this film, but it is popular as it is about the rights and wrongs of life and is a touching story.
  • Say Anything

    This film is about an underachiever and a valadictorian who fall in love over the summer before she leaves for college. Staring John Cusack with it's iconic boombox scene this love story tells the target audience that lofe isn't always perfect and that you should appreciate the good things in life.
  • About a Boy

    This film is unique in the fact that the plot does not show a teenager coming of age, but is about a young boy (Marcus Brewer) teaching a cynical middle aged man how to act like a grown-up. The film deals with depression and bullying. I loved this film as it is very insightful, and does not include either one of the protagonists falling in love and concentrates on friendship, Motherly and Fatherly relationships.
  • Mean Girls

    Staring Lindsey Lohan as Cady Heron and directed by Mark Waters (this being the second film she has directed that she has been in), Mean Girls is one of the most popular chick flicks ever. The film is about teenage girls at high school and the different cliques and stereotypes there are. This film is actually similar to Breakfast Club in the way that almost everyone has someone to relate to and how you shouldn’t judge someone before you get to know them.
  • Juno

    This romantic-comedy drama, directed by Jason Reitman, deals with the issue of teenage pregnacy. It follows the story of Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) from when she falls pregnant to giving the baby up for adoption. Like most coming of age films the target audience for this film is teenagers, but Juno is targeted at people from the demographic E, as it has been made to teach people a lesson, and people from E are more likely to be impacted by it.
  • Wild Child

    Wild Child is a romantic comedy about Poppy Moor (Emma Roberts) a troublesome teenage living in America, who’s Dad gets fed up and send her to boarding school in England. I enjoyed this film as it makes you laugh, as well as showing a teenager who doesn't know where they belong in life.
  • Nowhere Boy

    A British film (directed by Sam Taylor-Wood) set in 1955-1960 follows John Lennon’s teenage life. Staring Aaron Johnson the film features the music of The Beatles. It shows is struggles of choosing between his Mother (Anne-Marie Duff) and his Aunt who raised him (Kristine Scott Thomas) and coping with the loss of his Uncle. I really enjoyed this film and it relates well to modern day teenage life and engages older audiences because of the historic context.
  • Submarine

    Directed by Richard Ayoade, this film has a slightly quircky look on life through the eyes of teenager Oliver. It shows how to cope with the breakdown of your parents’ relationship, and first love. The film is relatable and heartwarming and had a slightly unusual protagonist.
  • Perks of Being a Wallflower

    Staring Emma Watson and Logan Lerman, this film is about 15 year old Charlie, who is an intovert trying to deal with, first loves, his own emotional problems and his suicidal best friend all whilst dealing with high school. I enjoyed this film as it's very realistic and relatable.