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History of Coffee Makers

  • Infusion Brewing

    Infusion Brewing
    In France, they discovered infusion brewing which is were you place coffee beans inside a cloth bag and then submerge the bag into hot water. When the coffee is how strong you prefer, you take the bag out.
  • French Drip Pot

    French Drip Pot
    A filter filled with roasted coffee beans sits in a container. Hot water is poured in the filter, absorbs its "oils and essences" and then drips into the container below.
  • First Espresso Machine

    First Espresso Machine
    An espresso machine is when you force hot pressurized water through a ground coffee and a filter. The result is thick, concentrated coffeee. It was invented and pantented by Angelo Moriondo.
  • Vacuum Coffee Maker

    Vacuum Coffee Maker
    Invented by Loef of Berlin. In this Vacuum coffee maker, water is heated up, creating steam which rises into the higher chamber where the coffee beans are. The heat is than removed and the steam condenses to form a vacuum, which pulls coffee coffee through the filter into the lower chamber
  • Coffee Percolator

    Coffee Percolator
    The coffee percolator is a type of pot used to brew coffee by continuously cycling the boiling water through the coffee grounds until it is the strength you desire.
  • Melitta Coffee Filter Paper

    Melitta Coffee Filter Paper
    Melitta Bentz invents the first coffee maker with a filter constructed out of blotting paper, rather than expensive linen and cloths filters that were used previously.
  • French Press Brewer

    French Press Brewer
    A French Press Brewer is when you place coffee grounds and then boiling water into the container. After letting it brew, you push a "plunger" into the container, which is attatched to a mesh screen that pushes the grounds to the bottom and holds it down. This way, when you pour the coffee you don't get the grounds too. This coffee maker is stil widely used now.
  • Pump Espresso Machine

    Pump Espresso Machine
    Invented by Faema. This machine used a motor-drieven pump, rather than manual force, to brew the beverage.
  • Atomatic Dip Coffee Maker

    Atomatic Dip Coffee Maker
    Invented by Mr. Coffee. This machine automatically heats the water and gets poured in with the coffee beans and brews, It also keeps the coffee heated. These used to be solely for restaurants but now they are commonly used in homes.
  • The K-Cup System

    The K-Cup System
    Many different types of coffee makers similar to the Automatic Coffee Maker. The K-Cup was invented by Keurig and was a groundbreaking invention. K-Cups are small cups filled with the grounds of various beverages like coffee, tea and hot chocolate. The K-Cup system has a spot where you place these cups, and when you close it, it pierces a hole all the way through the cup and hot water (which you pour into the machine prior to) goes through these cups filled with grounds and into your mug below.
  • The Turks invent coffee in a pot

    The Turks invent coffee in a pot
    The turks cooked "coffee cherries" in a pot over a fire, creating the first coffee maker.