History of Cars

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    History of Cars

  • first self-propelled car built

    first self-propelled car built
    Automoblie HistoryThe first car was built by a French military engineer. It was used to haul cannons being powered by steam.
  • uphill struggle

    uphill struggle
    Samuel Brown began powering cars to go uphill.
  • Internal Combustion Engine

    Combustion EngineJulius Hock builds the first internal combustion engine that runs on liquid gasoline.
  • Stroke of Genius

    TimelineNikolaus August Otto invented the four stroke engine. This became known as the "Otto Cycle".
  • Grand Prix Racing

    Grand Prix Racing
    Grand Prix racing is made which began from town to town to organized events. Started to see cars going more than 100 mph.
  • First road traffic death

    Bridget Driscoll was hit by an incoming motor vehicle. The driver's verdict was accidental death.
  • Key Developement

    Key Developement
    Charles Kettering invented the electric ignition and starter motor. This allowed cars to start themselves.
  • Emitions Regulations Introduced

    Harmful emmisions began to be controlled. Safety devices became mandatory.(seatbelts)