History Of Cars

  • Fist Self Propeled Car

    Fist Self Propeled Car
    French engineer developed first self propeled car
  • Steem Engine

    Steem Engine
    Britain's engineers improved the steem engine by making it smaller, lightweight, and has more power.
  • Update To Steem engine

    Update To Steem engine
    An english engineer updated the steem engine to burn a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen gas.
  • First Coal-Gas Engine

    Jean Lenoir invented the two stroke internal cumbustion engine
  • First Coal-Gas Engine

    Jean Etienne invented a two stroke ongine. It was fueled by coal gas and was triggered by a spark ignition
  • Speed restrictions introduced in UK

    Speed restrictions introduced in UK
    The Locomotive Act resticted the speed of horse-less vehicles to 2MPH in the city and 4MPH in the open country
  • 4 Stroke Engine

    Nikolas Otto invented the 4 stroke engine
  • Motor Age Moves Forard

    Motor Age Moves Forard
    Fist cars using internal combustion engines were driven
  • Fists Motor Company Formed

    Rene Panhard and Emile Levassor, created the first car manufacturer company
  • Maybach speeds things up

    Maybach invents the first four cylinder four-stroke engine
  • First Road Traffic Death

    Bridget Driscoll steped off the kerb and was hit and killed by a car going 4MPH
  • Energy Crisis

    In the begining of October 1973, oil prices went up causing a shortage. In a year it was better. MPG was now consitered when buying a car.
  • Safe Stopping decresed

    First antilock braking system (ABS) were devoloped
  • Car Manufactures get Green

    Manufactures doveloped the hybrid engine
  • Electric Cars

    Car manufacturers devoloped an all electric car