Timeline created by CateKrause
  • Very Early Biosensors

    M .Cremer showed that high levels of an acid in a liquid is proportional to the electronic potential that shows up between parts of the fluid located on apposite sides of a glass membrane.
  • The Second Discovery

    The Second Discovery
    Soren Peder Lauritz Sorensen =Hydrogen ion concentration, pH, this concept is introduced.
  • The Fourth Discovery

    Griffin and Nelson, were the first to show immobilisation of the enzyme invertase on aluminium hydroxide and charcoal.
  • The Third Discovery

    The Third Discovery
    W.S Hughes, he introduced electrodes for pH measurements.
  • The Fifth Discovery

    The Fifth Discovery
    Leland C. Clark, Jr. = "Father of Biosensors" He developed the first "true" biosensor for oxygen detection. He invented the "oxygen electrode" named after him: Clark electrode.
  • The Sixth Discovery

    The Sixth Discovery
    Leland C. Clark= Gave a demonstration which detected glucose
  • The Seventh Discovery

    The Seventh Discovery
    Guilbault and Montalvo, Jr.= Discovery of first potentiometric biosensor to detect urea.
  • The Eighth Discovery

    The Eighth Discovery
    Yellow Spring Instruments (YSI) = First commercial biosensor developed.