history of animaton by peaches

  • photographic gathering of animals in motion

    Eadweard Muybridge started his photographic gathering of animals in motion.
  • Period: to

    major events in animation history

  • motion pictures

    Thomas Edison started his research work into motion pictures.
  • photographic film strips using a nitro-cellulose base.

    George Eastman began the manufacture of photographic film strips using a nitro-cellulose base.
  • Theatre Optique

    Emile Renynaud, combining his earlier invention of the praxinoscope with a projector, opens the Theatre Optique in the Musee Grevin. It displays an animation of images painted on long strips of celluloid.
  • "Humorous phases of funny faces

    J. Stuart Blackton made the first animated film which he called "Humorous phases of funny faces." His method was to draw comical faces on a blackboard and film them.
  • Language of animation developes

    University of Utah, Ed Catmull develops an animation language and creates animation of a smooth shaded hand.

    Ken Perlin at NYU publishes a paper on noise functions for textures. He later applied this technique to add realism to character animations

    Beier and Neely, at SGI and PDI respectively publish an algorithm where line correspondences guide morphing between 2D images. "Demo" is Michael Jackson video Black and White.

    Toy Story first full-length 3D CG feature film