History of American Education

  • Public Schools

    taught: reading , writing , and basic mamatheics to prepare students for jobs
  • Ben Franklin

    wrote " Realating to the Education of Youth in Pennsylvania"
  • Academies

    secondary students learn practical cirriculm( drawing , surveying , navigation, merchants and accounting) to learn to become tradesmen and workers
  • Period: to

    Sarah Pierce

    Started Litchfield Woman's Academy
  • Period: to

    Thomas Jefferson

    2 term President of the United States of America
  • Fredrich Froebel

    Established the Universal German Education
  • Free Public High School

    taught basic skills and history , geography and physical training
  • Catherina Beecher

    Opened the Hartford Female Seminary
  • Horce Mann

    Established 50 high schools
  • Rev. William Holmes McGuffey

    Professor of Ancient Languages at Miami University
  • Rev. William Holmes McGuffey

    Elected President of Cincinatti College
  • Free Public Schooling

    includes High Schools that place strong emphasis on vocational education and reading , writing and mathematics
  • William E. Dubois

    Started his Teaching Job at Wilberforce University
  • Period: to

    Booker T Washington

    Influential spokeesman for black americans
  • Mary McLeod Bethue

    Began her Teaching career2 Haines Normal and Industrial Institiute
  • John Dewey

    The School and Society
  • John Dewey

    The Child and The Ciirriculm
  • Period: to

    Jane Addams

    President of Womans International League for Peace and Freedom
  • Period: to

    John Holt

    Served in the Army
  • Linda Brown

    helped make the cirriculm for all children the same
  • The Excellence Movement

    the launch of Sputnik sparks emphasis on science, mathematics and languages
  • The Excellent Movement

    back to bcis - reading writing mathematics
  • Period: to

    John Holt

    Founded Holt Assosicates and dealt with education and other social issues
  • William Bennett

    Excutive director of the National Humanities Center
  • Nation At Risk

    five new basics ; english , mamthematics, science, social studies , and computer science
  • Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton signs into law Goals 2000; Educate America Act
  • Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton launches the President's Educational Technology Intitative
  • President George W. Bush

    signed " No Child Left Behind" Act
  • Teacher Accountability

    by 2013-14, public schools must guarantee that all students can pass state test
  • Religious Emphasis

    basic skills needed to learn religous catechisms and read prayers