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  • Period: to

    South African war

    Great Britain vs People living in South Africa (the Dutch and native south african population. Why? 1. Gold and diamond mines; 2. tactic position for trade (Cape of Good Hope)
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    The Great War

    Why? Assassination of Arch-duke
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    Chinese - Japanese war

    China vs Japan
    Why? Japan was invading China. Japan was similar to Britain: very powerful army invading other states.
  • Period: to

    Vietnam war

    North Vietnam (supported by Russia - USSR - communist ideals) vs South Vietnam (supported by America - USA - democratic ideals).
  • Period: to

    Arab - Israel conflict

    Arab states vs Israel
  • Period: to

    Korean war

    USSR (communism) vs USA (democratic ideals). Russia and America didn't fight openly but they used Korean armies to fight against each other
  • Period: to

    Afghan war

    Soviet Union invades Afghanistan to create a communist country
  • Period: to

    Bosnia war

    Bosniacs vs Serbs vs Croats
    Why? They all wanted a country of their own
  • Period: to

    Rwandan ethic genocide

    Hutu tribe vs Tutsi tribe
    The Hutu tribe killed more than 800,000 Tutsi in about 100 days