History 3870 #2

  • 11,000 BCE

    First Notable Flood

    Around 11,000 BC occurred one of the most notable floods in Earths history. In one event, Bonneville lost a quarter of its surface area.
  • Spaniards Re-introduce Equines

  • Lost Control of Horse Trade

  • New Spain Authorized Expedition

  • Nuche Wreasted Control of Uinta Basin

  • Canadian Meeting

    First significant meeting of Canadians in what is now Utah.
  • Canadians Introduction to Mormonism

    Canadians first introduction to mormonism was in the summer of 1830 in Kingston, the upper Canadian city on the eastern edge of Lake Ontario.
  • Young Returns to Kingston

    Phineas Young, now a mormon, returns to Kingston in 1832. Other Missionaries followed to other Canadian cities
  • Great Basin Receives its Name