History 1920-1940

  • Period: to

    History How did the United States move from neutrality to full involvement in the war?

  • Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler becomss leader of the Nazi Party. (not sure what month, just says in early months)
  • Mussolini Threats

    Mussolini and his followers threatend to overthrow Italys elected govnerment.
  • Prime Minister (Not sure what month)

    Benito Mussolini appointed Prime Minister of Italy. He became the 40th prime minister in 1922. He was a Italian politician who led the National Fascist Party.
  • New Act

    Congress passes the neutrality act. It forbade the President from sellin firearms, making loans, or giving any other kinds of assitance to any nation during war.
  • Poor China

    1931 Japan’s Army seizes Manchuria, China. The League of NAtions protested but didn't do anything.
  • Mussolini in Ethopia

    Mussolini invaded the African country of Ethopia. The Ethopians fought braverly,
  • Japanese

    After 1937, Japanese stepped up its agression on China.The Japanese armies treated the chinese brutally.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Oahu, Hawii under went an attack by the Japanaes. The japanese decided to bomb US Naval aircraft boats because we had stopped exporting supplies to them because they were allies with Germany.
  • Battle of the Coral Sea

    Americans and Japanese navies waged a new form of warfare. For the first, opposing ships did not see one another. Airplanes attacked enmy ships.
  • " Zoot Suits"

    Mexican Americans in Los Angeles in a showy "Zoot Suit". Their clothing and language set them apart from others. In June,1943 bands of sailors on shore leav and attacked yound Mexican Americans, beating and clubing them on the streets.
  • Sicily gets invaded.

    American and British troops crossed the Mediterranean sea from Tunisia.
  • D-Day

    June 6,1944 was known as D-Day, more than 155,000 Americans,British, Canadian troops crossed the English channel.
  • Allies enter paris...

    Under four years under nazi rule, French men, women and children greeted their liberators with joy.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Allies pushed forward east, but the germans counteredattacked in Belguim.