Historical Video Game Events

Timeline created by Vincent2724
  • The First Video Game

    The First Video Game
    A.S. Douglas created the first video game "OXO"(Tic-Tac-Toe). He created it as part of his doctoral dissertation at the University of Cambridge. The game is now remembered and played in the 21st century.
  • First Video Game That Can Be Played On Multiple Computer Installations

    First Video Game That Can Be Played On Multiple Computer Installations
    Steve Russell at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology invented "Spacewar!". Spacewar is a computer-based space combat video game for the PDP-1. It was the first video game that could be played on multiple computer installations.
  • The Brown Box

    The Brown Box
    Ralph Baer invented a prototype multiplayer, multi-program video game system that could be played on a television. It was known as “The Brown Box.” Baer licensed his device to Magnavox, which sold the system to consumers as the Odyssey, the first video game home console.
  • The Launch Of Activision

    The Launch Of Activision
    It is the first third-party game developer. The third-party game developer devolps softwares without making consoles or arcade cabinet.
  • The Video Game Crash

    The Video Game Crash
    The video game industry experienced a major crash due to a number of factors. An oversaturated game console market, competition from computer gaming, and a surplus of over-hyped, low-quality games, such as the infamous E.T., an Atari game based on the eponymous movie and often considered the worst game ever created.The crash led to the bankruptcy of several home computer and video game console companies.
  • The Video Game Rating Council

    The Video Game Rating Council
    Sega created the Video game Rating Council to provide descriptive labeling for every game sold on a Sega home console. The council later gives rise to the industry-wide Entertainment Software Rating Board. It is still used today to rate video games based on content.
  • Saturn System

    Saturn System
    The first 32-bit console that played games on CDs rather than cartridges, five months ahead of schedule. This move was to beat Sony’s first foray into video games. The Playstation sold for $100 less than the Saturn when it launched later that year.
  • The Playstation 2

    The Playstation 2
    The Playstation 2 was able to play original Playstation games. It would become the best-selling game console of all time. It was the first console that used DVDs, went up against the Sega Dreamcast, the Nintendo Gamecube, and Microsoft’s Xbox.
  • Angry Birds Mobile Device Game

    Angry Birds Mobile Device Game
    Video games spread to social media platforms like Facebook and mobile devices like the iPhone. It reached a more casual gaming audience. Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds mobile device game reportedly made a whopping $200 million.
  • The Playstation 4 Pro

    The Playstation 4 Pro
    Sony released a more powerful version of its console called the Playstation 4 Pro. It is the first console capable of 4K video output. It also features an upgraded GPU and a higher CPU clock rate.