Historical Timeline Teacher Education 200

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  • Child Study Movement

    Child Study Movement
    It was used to investigate how children's minds and personalities developed. There goal was to help educators make practical judgements about how to best educate young people.
  • Evolution of Pedagogy

    Evolution of Pedagogy
    This was evolved in 1900s. This is used as a teaching tool with certain methods, techniques and materials to promote student learning. This started a heated debate between people favoring a child-centered approach that considered how children learn and those who focused on a subject centered approach for transmitting knowledge.
  • The Cardinals Principles Report of 1918

    The Cardinals Principles Report of 1918
    This document was intended to better serve high school students to help them determine what program that would best suite there career or post high school schooling. It was one of the most influential education documents of all time. Numbers of student population doubled in high schools when this was established.
  • The Great Depression and Education

    The Great Depression and Education
    During this time the president Franklin D. Roosevelt initially saw the importance of jobs rather than education as the answer to the youth problem. The government gave there attention to providing federal relief and creating jobs. Some programs that helped with the education system are WPA which gave money to schools to hire more teachers, buy supplies and provide hot lunches for students, and PWA which built larger schools to replace the one roomed schools that existed. This helped students.
  • Ruby Bridges

    Ruby Bridges
    She was the first African American enrolled in William Frantz Elementary School and she needed to be escorted into school by armed escort. There were crowds of angry white parents screaming and saying insulting words to her.