Historical Timeline Schooling

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  • Three Key Factors in Early Colonies 17th Century

    Three Key Factors in Early Colonies 17th Century
    The reason was that it was a point in time where people starting to take control of what was being taught and how the school should be run. Like matters in the local economy, religious practices, and government involvement.
  • The American Revolution: After

    The American Revolution: After
    After the American Revolution, the founding fathers believe that the only way for self-governing people is through the way of education. This was the start of the based education system where people were taught art, history, law, and American culture.
  • Public School Movement

    Public School Movement
    It was the major step in education where slowly the power was changing toward more state-governed power in education. This was a major step toward modern education in the United Staes in the 17th century.
  • Career Academies

    Career Academies
    It is a major change in history where classes were more based on what happened after high schools like people going into the workforce or college. It helps create more an understanding of a subject that people want to do after they get done with school.
  • Providing Education for Students with Disabilities

    Providing Education for Students with Disabilities
    This point in time was a major step in the education world were in the first time that students with a disability could not be excluded from a classroom. It is a major step to educated students with learning disabilities and letting others join in understanding their needs.