Historical Timeline

Timeline created by angjeanne
  • Common School Period

    Common School Period
    During the 1850's; math and literacy was first introduced into schools. 59% population of children attended school. 1856; the first kindergarden in the nation was established in Wisconsin. 1867; federal department of education was created to support states.
  • Progressive Period

    Progressive Period
    Females and males were segregated into schools during this time; males learning math and reading, while females learned cooking and clothing making. 21 million children were in school during this time. Child Study Movement; studying how children's minds developed was created. NEA in 1893 was established; the nation's largest professional employee organization, committed to advancing the cause of public education.
  • Little Rock Nine

    Little Rock Nine
    September of 1957, nine African American students began the desegregation of high schools in Little Rock Arkansas. The courageous nine students faced racial inequality head on, but they were the start of desegregation in schools across the nation.
  • Ruby Bridges

    Ruby Bridges
    First African American child to desegregate schools in Elementary. 1959 Ruby Bridges walked into an all white elementary school to be desegregated in New Orleans. This was an important time in history for racial equality in schools and communities.
  • Modern Period

    Modern Period
    Increase 75% in school attendance. Beginning of Head Start Program in 1960's was designed to provide preschool children of low-income families with a program to meet their emotional, health, nutritional, psychological needs. In 1978 Jimmy Carter signed Community College Act; federal assistance to tribal community students.